Compare VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Equipment to Chinese Manufactured Imitations

VibraSlim equipment is far superior to Chinese manufactured copies. Review vibration exercise machine features and components and it is clear that the best vibration exercise machine in not made in China.

VibraSlim Advantages

It is clear that VibraSlim is known for quality vibration exercise fitness equipment and this why competitors want to copy it. The vibration plates are solid, reliable and will not break down like the cheap imitations. Its operation is quiet, reliable and safe.

Cheap imitation vibration machines are likely to breakdown and are loud. The vibration plates can sway from side to side leading to unsafe operation and worst of all getting them repaired is very difficult and sourcing parts even harder. These machines are made to be disposable and are not designed for long or reliable use.

While the Chinese imports may cost less and sometimes even more, VibraSlim is very affordable and comes in different affordable price ranges. Even VibraSlim’s lower priced vibration exercise fitness machines more often than not, exceed the performance of other brands costing thousands of dollars more.The best vibration exercise machine comes from VibraSlim. Quality is kept high while prices are kept affordable because they are the manufacturer. They sell directly to the customer so that there is no expensive advertising, showrooms and retail stores.

The other sellers of vibration machines cannot match VibraSlim’s seven day money back guarantee, lifetime motor warranty and the two year overall warranty on all its products. There is even free shipping in the USA and Canada. And if questions need answered, the representatives are fully trained in the USA and Canada and can be understood because they speak proper English.

Review Vibration Exercise Machine Components

Review vibration exercise machine components from VibraSlim and you will see why they are the number one vibration exercise equipment in North America. It is used by sports teams, health clubs, universities, medical centers and in the home. Cheap copies from China will have plastic parts. VibraSlim has a solid steel construction. It will fit in tight spaces with its small footprint yet hold users up to 400 pounds. Since it is built to handle commercial traffic, it has a powerful two horse power motor that delivers lots of vibrations.

The quite whole body vibration comes from the triangular oscillating vibration motion. There is no piston vibration, so it is the safest vibration exercise fitness machine on the market. The frequency can be adjusted manually and the G force is kept in a safe range. The vibration machine comes in two models. One is for home use and the other for both home and commercial uses. Both use oscillating vibration and have variable vibration settings. Programs, amplitude, frequency and G force can be adjusted with the LCD and graphic displays. The handrails are sturdy and the base is stable and solid. A rubber pad is provided for secure footing.

The best vibration exercise machine is safe, cost effective and easy for everyone to use. With all the advantages of VibraSlim vibration products there is no reason to use cheap imitations.

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