Quality Vibration Exercise Machines and the Best Warrranty to Back It

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Buying any new exercise machine represents an investment in your long-term health and a significant chunk of money. A vibration exercise machine can set you back even further than cycles and treadmills, but the technology is proven and often the only recourse for people with specific health problems. When you’re ready to invest in whole-body vibration, it makes sense to look for a company offering a rock-solid piece of equipment and the customer service to back it up.

VibraSlim stands out among competitors in providing customers with both. Vibration fitness machines have gained a reputation as less than sturdy due to competitors who use cheap components. These machines are often made overseas, and getting them repaired or replaced can be a nightmare.

Quality Components

VibraSlim makes its mark first by using the highest quality components to ensure freedom from exercise disruption and the hassle of repairs. The motors in VibraSlim machines are fully backed by a lifetime warranty, and the machine’s frame is of solid steel welded construction. Even the electronic components are of the best quality. Because of the quality of their vibration exercise machine, VibraSlim is totally confident in providing a two year warranty on all parts, a lifetime warranty on the motor, and a money-back guarantee for any reason!

Those who have experienced malfunctions with other machines will know that getting them repaired is a major ordeal. Many companies will refuse to deal with customer service at all after making the sale, and others will require you to ship the machine at cost.

VibraSlim, on the other hand, has a cumulative reliability record of 98% since 2005. In the rare cases where repairs are needed, everything is handled by the company. The vast majority of repairs can be done onsite with no need for shipping. This is because, modular components have been engineered into the product to ensure most problems can be corrected within 30 minutes maximum. If repairs require more than this, VibraSlim is all too ready to send you a new vibration fitness machine at no cost.

The Revolution of Fitness

Whole-body vibration technology has revolutionized the modern concept of fitness, but many people are still unfamiliar enough that unscrupulous dealers have flooded the market with cheap products designed to turn a quick profit. Some competitors may offer quality products, but you will look long and hard to find any who can match VibraSlim’s expert design and commitment to customer service!

Customers who know have consistently chosen VibraSlim for their whole-body vibration needs. We became number one by engineering a vibration exercise machine to last and backing up the design with component warranties and an overall satisfaction guarantee. Experience the solid construction and quiet hum of a VibraSlim machine without delay!

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