The Amazing Benefits of the VibraSlim

If you are in the market of a workout machine that is different and one that works you may want to consider the revolutionary new vibrating weight loss machine. This whole body vibration machine is backed by science and extensive research. Celebrities, top professional athletes, rehabilitation centers and clinics are beginning to use this new whole body vibration machines. The VibraSlim full body vibration machine is currently the best performing, highest quality machine in the workout industry.

How Does This New Machine Work?

The VibraSlim is a vibrating machine that provides intense vibrations to the body of the user. The user simply stands on a vibration plate that transfers vibrations to the entire body. The vibrations provide strong stretching and contrast to the body and the way that the body handles them is unique. This workout allows for a full body workout in less time and pain than conventional exercises.

The Versatility of Whole Body Vibrations

Exercises with vibration provide stimulation to the entire body. The vibration plate allows muscles in the body to become activated to provide the user with an increase of muscle, performance, range of motion and flexibility. These are things that every athlete must continuously improve.

Promotes Stronger Bone Density

Many females and elderly people need to be careful regarding their bones. Osteoporosis is one of the largest health concerns of these groups. Elderly people breaking their hip during a fall due to decreased bone strength are incredibly common. Research shows that the beginning of osteoporosis is due to the lack of movement. This causes the bones to become weak as blood circulation decreases. Hormones also play an important role in the deterioration of bone strength. The vibrating weight loss machine promotes the strengthening of bones.

Increasing Muscle Strength

In as little as three weeks, users are able to increase the strength of their muscles by half. The reflexive response that the body experiences while using whole body vibration machines can cause an increase of muscles. Trainers have discovered that the use of full body vibration can help patients rehabilitate more quickly. The VibraSlim is able to overcome the lack of movement and fatigue that result from an ailment or an injury.

Decreased Pain in the Joints

Traditional exercises can lead to chronic joint and back pain. The low impact of the whole body vibration machines allow for proper blood circulation, as well as less pain inflicted on the user’s joints. The vibrating machines also help to activate the glands in the body that release lubricants into their joints to make workouts easier and less painful.

Burning Fat and Diminishing Cellulite

Not only does a vibration machine increase your metabolism, it also helps to burn fat, tone muscles and tightens skin. Research has shown that using a vibrating weight loss machine for only ten minutes a day three times a week can accomplish more than a full hour of weight lifting exercises.

Additional Benefits

Full body vibration machines also offer great alternatives over high impact cardio workouts. The vibration helps to enhance muscles to become stronger and become more toned. The VibraSlim is able to increase your human growth hormone by more than 300 percent, while decreasing your blood pressure and cortisol levels. This unique way to workout also allows for a shorter recovery time in between workouts.

Who Uses a Vibrating Weight Loss Machine?

Many athletes and celebrities use the VibraSlim vibrating machine. Celebrities and athletes such as Madonna, Heidi Klum, Jane Fonda, Lance Armstrong, Shaquille O’Neal and Gwen Stefani have all taken advantage of this revolutionary new way to lose weight and stay healthy.

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