The Newest Vibrating Exercise Technology

The revolutionary new whole body vibration machines are backed by decades of scientific research that was originally created by the Russian space program. This industry has created the technology while the heath and exercise industries have spent years perfecting it. The VibraSlim has done extensive research with top industry leaders to create a vibration exercise machine that has changed how people view their workouts.

Russian astronauts and scientists had found that they experienced a decrease of bone density and muscle tissue because of not having gravity in space. Russian scientists were determined to rectify this issue by studying the benefits of full body vibration. They discovered that their astronauts were not only losing less bone density but increasing it and causing their muscle tissue to strengthen.

Using their new technology they were able to remain in space for over 400 days as opposed to the record of 120 days set by Americans. American astronauts were only able to remain in space for a limited amount of days due to the significant loss of bone and muscle tissue. Currently, this technology has quickly made its way into North American and has been accepted by numerous doctors, therapists and health clinics as a great alternative to traditional rehabilitation methods and prescription medication.

Other benefits associated with regular use of whole body vibration machines is that users are able to enhance the circulation of blood, increase the human growth hormone, increase the production of collagen, accelerate the loss of weight and enhance the recovery time of training. The VibraSlim vibration exercise machine is able to provide enhancement and weight loss in as little as ten minutes each day, three to seven times a week. The main benefit of whole body vibration machines requires little exertion from the user. The user is able to work numerous muscle groups by simply changing the position and posture of their body.

This high quality, solid steel machine is not only durable but compact. The small footprint of the machine is able to fit into most workout areas in homes. The VibraSlim is also one of the quietest vibration exercise machine on the market. This machine is so quiet users are able to use it while watching television. The VibraSlim full body vibration machine is able to deliver the same results as traditional exercises without the stress to ligaments, joints and tendons. This also allows for better recovery time in between workouts so that you are able to work out more hours and more efficiently.

This new technology is being used by trainers, athletes and celebrities all across North America. Many professional sports teams, colleges, and medical centers are utilizing the benefits of the vibration exercise machine. The VibraSlim is similar to other exercise equipment whereas users will have their own preference of speed and position. Similar to a treadmill, the machine does not need to be on the highest speed for it to be effective to the user. With 17 different speeds and three automatic exercise settings for vibrations, users are able to create a routine to best meet their needs and their weight loss and muscle toning goals.

After a few uses of the VibraSlim vibration machine you are able to get into your own routine and be comfortable. The vibration movement will also help to increase the detoxification of your body, as well as activating your metabolism and releasing lactic acid. The full body vibration workout is the newest exercise trend to hit the market, as well as the most effective and easiest. Find a comfortable position and let the machine do all of the work.

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