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There are a number of medical studies that have confirmed the significance of vibration exercises in reducing weight and making your body more beautiful and slimmer. You may find numerous vibration machines online but most of them are either very expensive or ineffective. Similarly, there are many reviews on vibration machines available as well, but most of them are written by different freelance writers on hourly basis who know nothing about the body vibration machine or exercise. Here we are going to present a very impartial review on weight loss through vibration machines and the best body vibration machine available in the market.

What is whole body vibration?

There are numerous health and fitness benefits associated with the whole body vibration, however before going to look at specific benefits first let us have a quick look what actually the whole body vibration is? In whole body vibration exercise a person stands, lies or sits on a vibrating machine. Energy is transmitted in a human body as the machine vibrates, due to the transmission of energy, muscles tend to relax and contract. During the vibration exercise you get immensely relaxed and calm feelings. Here it is also worthwhile to mention that consistency is quite significant if you want to lose your weight with such vibration exercises.

Benefits of exercise vibration

There are many health and fitness benefits that you can enjoy through consistent Whole Body Vibration (WBV) exercises, let us discuss a few of them briefly:

With WBV your muscles get similar strength in seconds as you get through various difficult conventional gym exercises. Research statistics show that the output in terms of weight loss acquired through whole body vibration machine equals the one hour session in gym

Medical studies show that a 10 minute whole body vibration session boosts up the rate of metabolism up to 18% which is incomparable to any other form of exercise.

Whole body vibration is also quite beneficial in toning and firming of your body, studies show that WBV is more effective as compared to traditional gym exercises in making your body firm and beautiful.

VibraSlim Body Vibration Machine

VibraSlim is distinguished among a broad array of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines on following grounds.


It is made up of solid steel unlike other rival products that are usually made of plastic; this VibraSlim provides quiet and solid operation


Footprint of VibraSlim is only around 22 by 32 inches which is too small as compared to rival products available in the market.

Easiest Operation

Three auto vibration and 17 speed settings make the WBV excise experience extremely easy and hassle free.

Proper Vibrating Action

Oscillating exercise vibration motion (See Saw) helps in producing the best possible results in terms of weight loss and fitness.


VibraSlim is powerful enough to handle users having a weight up to 275 pounds due to high end power of vibe plate.

Suitable frequency range

VibraSlim operates on 1 to 30 Hz that are quite suitable frequencies for weight loss and fitness.

Affordable Price

Unlike other rivals vibration machines available in the market, VibraSlim is immensely affordable; you can buy it at a very competitive price of $3000.

Motor Warranty

VibraSlim is also distinguished in terms of its reliability; it is available with 2 year warranty of parts and lifetime warranty on the motor that makes this vibration machine highly reliable.

Customer Service & Education

The customer services and education manuals are also simple remarkable and priceless if you opt for VibraSlim for exercise vibration exercises.

This was a brief summary of different health as well as the fitness benefits of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and VibraSlim, one of the best vibration machines that make sure to reduce your weight considerably in a hassle free manner. In addition, you may refer to different consumer testimonials and feedback as well for more satisfaction before going to buy VibraSlim.

Keeping in view all the above mentioned features and characteristics, you will surely love to buy this product, now the question is how to get it? You can buy VibraSlim through a number of online retailers including the official website of this product. Likewise, it is also available on different offline stores; however make sure to check the company’s monogram while buying this product through any offline store.

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