VibraSlim Europlate

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VibraSlim’s Europlate vibration exercise machine is the number one selling machine in North America. No other manufacturer can beat it’s Quality, Design, functionality or price. This vibration plate machine is used in homes, clinics, doctors offices, chiropractic office and in professional sports teams locker rooms. Don’t settle for second class vibration exercise machines, get the best, get a VibraSlim Europlate.

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The Best in Home and Professional Whole-body Vibration Machines

Though some other machines may cost less, remember the warning that you get what you pay for. VibraSlim also has an unbeatable Customer Guarantee, Vibraslim uses only top quality vibration fitness machine components and materials to to build the best whole-body vibration experience. Outfitted with world-class motors guaranteed for life, high tech electronic components, and a construction engineered with solid steel, Vibraslim is unsurpassed among vibrating machines.

It may seem like a bargain when retail and online stores offer imported whole-body vibration machine. These deals may be promoted as top quality vibrating machines. However, these deals more often than not, turn out to be lemons. If machines need repair, what can the buyer do? Chinese vibration fitness machines are infamous for breaking down and requiring regular repair. At best, these companies request customers to return the equipment at his or her own expense. At worse, these companies ignore customer cries for help. The calls for help from these customers of these companies come in to our office daily. Though we aim to provide assistance, there is nothing we can do to help them with that purchase. What we can do is advise potential customers to beware of how hard earned money is spent and shop more carefully. All that glitters online is not gold.

Customers can buy a range of vibration fitness equipment. Equipment can cost thousands of dollars. However, too often, many of them lack the VibraSlim quality, construction and performance. The VibraSlim® is a rugged, durable and unbelievably quiet, in stark contrast to other machines that seem to come to life with swaying, rocking, loud noises and threats of breaking down. Do not buy a high-priced lemon. You can not only obtain top quality vibration fitness machine performance equipment, but do so at an affordable price with VibraSlim.

No competition stands by their equipment like VibraSlim! The VibraSlim® Guarantee and Warranty service is unbeatable. Customers are extended the following exceptional product and service guarantees:

*Lifetime Motor warranty – *Money Back Guarantee – *Two-year Equipment Warranty for all equipment

VibraSlim’s exceptional equipment, and unmatched Guarantees and Warranties brand it as the whole body vibration industry leader.

The exceptional VibraSlim® Service level matches the equipment brand, built for endurance and low maintenance. The equipment quality is so outstanding that the reliability rating has been 98% since 2005. Machines are top quality, with top quality material and parts.

Should a rare repair be required, we have you covered. Machines can be repaired onsite. If a new machine is the solution, a new replacement is delivered. Equipment specifications have built in easy repairs that are fast. Any repairs are a snap, none over 30 minutes, with most repairs lasting less under 10 minutes. Our vibration exercise machines are engineered for long-lasting, quality performance. Customers can count on years of no-hassle use to get the performance results delivered with VibraSlim vibration fitness machines.