The Vibration Machine uses small vibrations to activate muscles, joints and hormone production to achieve positive fitness results. Whole body vibration is used world wide for fitness and therapy by doctors and fitness trainers. There are a few different types of vibration machines, but research over the past 30 years has shown that oscillating machines are the most effective. VibraSlim has two oscillating models, one for home use and one for commercial use that can handle continuous gym use.

Vibrating Machine

Whole body vibration use is projected to double in 2008 as it has now been accepted into the mainstream fitness market. Many top celebrities and athletes have endorsed the vibration machine introducing it into the USA and Canada. For many years Europe and Asia have been quietly using the technology with great success, but not sharing it with North America. Progressive companies like VibraSlim have introduced the vibration machine to the fitness industry with fantastic results. The last couple of years, many fitness magazines have jumped aboard praising the vibration machine for its simplicity and effectiveness. More and more people are seeking an alternative to their visits to the gym or a workout that they just simply enjoy and that works. For years many have tried traditional workouts without success, sometimes simply because they do not like to go to the gym. This is very important, if you do not like your fitness routine, you will not do it, and therefore it will not be effective. If you do not like your fitness program, change it to something you do like. Using a vibrating machine, many have found the answer to that problem. Fitness does not have to be a negative experience it really can be fun and still work using a vibration machine.

Whole Body Vibration Machine

This year vibration machines received a lot of media attention for the first time in the USA, which helped people learn about this new fitness technology. Talk shows such as Good Morning America, CNN, ABC, and NBC featured whole body vibration machines in their fitness stories with glowing reviews. NBC even went into the Oakland Raiders Training room to have them demonstrate their vibration machine. The Oakland Raiders praise the machine and give it credit for their training program. Many other NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA teams are using this technology to get their players in top shape and to rehabilitate injured players. Vibration machines work on almost 100% of your muscle’s fibers. Compare this to only 40%-60% with other resistance training activities. Vibration training achieves this performance by creating an almost continuous stretch-reflex in your muscles. This means that while using a vibration machine, muscles are contracting at incredibly high frequencies, which also subjects them to considerable forces. These vibrational forces are highly advantageous for the enhancement of muscle fiber and bone building.