Vibration therapy has been used by doctors and therapists for many years to treat many different ailments and injuries. From joint problems to bone loss, vibration therapy has proven to be a very effective treatment. More and more it is showing up in doctors’ offices, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, sports trainers and gyms. Dozens of scientific medical research reports have been published, demonstrating the many positive effects and ailments it can help with. With the population ageing, never before has so much research been focused on anti-ageing and longevity. The baby boomers want to stay feeling and looking young and they are willing to work for it. For this reason so many baby boomers have taken to vibration therapy to help them achieve their goals.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Research has shown the drastic results vibration therapy can have in just a short time on the older population. Within a few weeks many have had positive changes that are unbelievable and change how they live their day to day lives. More mobility and strength give them a richer and more enjoyable life. It is easy for time to creep up on you and not even notice the gradual changes in your body and physique. Many find themselves being tired and weak and think, that is just how it is. Well it does not have to be at all. A little vibration therapy goes a long way, and quickly many realize that they still have the energy, it was just not being accessed. That is what makes whole body vibration therapy so popular it is the fast and enjoyable way to get yourself in shape, that actually works. Many professional sports teams are using vibration therapy to rehabilitate and train their top athletes. Whether they have a bad knee injury or pulled muscles, vibration therapy is a very effective treatment. Increases in natural HGH levels are a major benefit to top athletes also. The whole body vibration machine does this without any injections, but with all the benefits. HGH increases muscle mass while decreasing unwanted fat and regenerates the entire body. It is an unfair competitive advantage when taken by injection, but when it occurs naturally, it is no problem. More and more athletes are being tested today and the ones that do it illegally are severely punished. But by sticking to the rules and using vibration therapy, they could have got the same benefits, as many top pro teams have found out in the past few years.

Vibrating Therapy

Vibration therapy is also very effective for young healthy people too. For those that already do a gym workout, Whole-body vibration is a turbo boost. Not only increasing their results but helping them recover faster from their workouts. Others who do not visit a gym regularly can get the same results by doing a vibration therapy a few times a week at home. As you can see, almost everyone can benefit greatly by doing vibrating therapy, and get the results quickly while still enjoying the process. The fact that people love to do whole body vibration, is another reason it works, because they do it!