Whole body vibration machines to prevent atrophy

Whole body vibration machine is an excellent tool to prevent muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is the wasting away or loss of muscle in the human body. Muscle loss is related to decreased ability to produce power and decreased quality of life. Atrophy also increases the risk of injury. Who is at risk of muscle atrophy? Injured people who cannot use the injured muscle are at particular risk for muscle atrophy. For example someone with a knee injury must rest that leg. With inactivity that leg becomes weak. Aside from people who are injured, people who are inactive are at risk for muscle atrophy. What about people who hang out in zero gravity? Whole body vibration machine was invented to help astronauts prevent bone and muscle loss when in space due to the low gravity.

The rate of atrophy and bone loss in space do to gravity can occur rapidly. Astronauts using in space found that it had a profound effect on reduction of muscle and bone loss. The Russian space program developed the use of vibration training in space and found that they could stay in space up to three times longer! Not all of us will lose muscle and bone mineral density as fast as the astronauts in outer space. However, we need to be aware that with inactivity comes bone mineral loss and muscle loss. What if preventing those loses was as easy as exercising for ten minutes a day on a vibration plate? That is what Whole body vibration machine provides the user. Aside from astronauts, Whole body vibration machine is particularly useful for deconditioned individuals or for those with minimal weight lifting experience. Vibration training makes the muscles contract without the use of an external load (a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbells). This takes a lot of the guess work out of training because we know we are working our muscles without worry as much about time or if we are picking the right exercises.

Due to its relative ease of use and the observed benefits for people looking to prevent muscle atrophy should certainly be considered. Deconditioned people and people with injury should use vibration training as a good starting point to prevent muscle loss and decreased quality of life.

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